July 16, 2024

Plant Shift DCS Operator (m/f/d) job

Plant Shift DCS Operator (m/f/d)

  • Operate the DCS (Distributed Control System) for plants startup and shutdown operations to meet Company’s objectives and production targets
  • Monitor and control all process parameter conditions such as flow rates, pressures, temperatures, levels, etc, through displays, graphics and trend logs
  • Communicate with field operators for parameter adjustments in field
  • Report to Shift Supervisors in case of parameter abnormalities and process deviations immediately
  • Makes minor plant adjustments when necessary and reports any serious faults to the
  • Supervisor with appropriate remedial actions, implements immediately the approved actions, procedures and standard emergency responses
  • Takes immediate corrective actions to limit risk to personnel, plant equipment and production during emergency situations
  • Monitor & Control the usage of raw materials, chemicals and other plant utilities effectively to an optimum level in safe manner
  • Prepare & Assist in preparation of necessary plant – operational reports as requested by Production Supervisor or Team Leader
  • Ensure the safe shutdown, isolation and blow down of relevant Section / plant during emergency situations
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