July 13, 2024

Operator Pipeline (Onshore Gas Plant) Rotation job

Position: Operator – Pipeline (Onshore Gas Plant)
Job Location: UAE
Job Rotation: 28/28
Qualification: Degree/Diploma – Mechanical Engineering or Equivalent
Experience :

  1. 15+ years of gas plant or pipeline operation
  2. 15+ years of experience in gas plant design, control, maintenance, and operations
  3. Experience in the onshore pipeline, block valve stations, pigging operations, and pipeline right of way control
  4. Experience in unit operations – onshore pipeline, pipeline inline inspection, slug catchers, separators, filters, heat exchangers, pumps, gas compressors, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), utilities, including generators and fire protection systems and storage equipment
  5. Experience in control of work permit system, authorized gas tester, use of breathing apparatus, advanced first – aid, fire fighting, hydrogen sulphide safety, confirmed space entry, emergency response, task risk assessment, and similar oil & gas safety training
  6. Valid UAE driving license
    Send resume to alfred@hirerightt.com
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