July 13, 2024

Marine Control Room Operator UK JOB

Marine Control Room Operator UK

Responsibility and authority

Key tasks and responsibilities

  • Operate, monitor and troubleshoot Marine systems related to the Storage and Export of Stabilised Crude Oil;
  • Operate, monitor and trouble shoot Ballast systems;
  • Operate, monitor and troubleshoot HC blanketing / Inert Gas Systems and be responsible for the atmospheric composition change between the two modes;
  • Operate, monitor and troubleshoot heading control system;
  • Responsible for preparing load and discharge plans for cargo and ballast, cargo calculations; cargo/ slop/ ballast tanks entry; cargo/ slop/ ballast tanks condition monitoring;
  • Responsible for Crude Oil Washing operations, water washing, gas freeing and preparing cargo and ballast tanks for entry and assist with inspection of cargo and ballast tanks as per Computerised Maintenance Management System;
  • Responsible for ensuring that the FPSO intact stability and structural strength is at all times maintained within safe operating envelopes;
  • Responsible for Loading/Stability software, and Software integrity and regular testing as per Computerised Maintenance Management System. Monitor FPSO turret position and ensure its maintained within safe operating envelopes;
  • Liaise with the Operations Control Room Operator (CRO) as required to ensure stable operations.
  • Identify and report marine equipment faults and breakdowns. Use IFS to generate work orders if required;
  • Complete the necessary daily reporting concerning marine aspects of the overall operation.
  • Prepare and administer required reports, including prepare and submit all documentation required by the client with regard to cargo export such as Cargo Quality and Quantity Origin;
  • Liaise with the Operations Superintendent with regards to planning of offloading operations, including but not limited to potential weather challenges, and operational conflicts in terms of helicopter and supply boat operations;
  • Weather monitoring in general as well as reporting and announcing when weather criteria defined in the heavy weather plan or operating procedure has been reached or breached and suspend operations as appropriate;
  • Liaise with the Laboratory Technician for proper analysis of exported crude;
  • Maintain Central Control Room (CCR) operations shift log and conduct shift handover;
  • Monitor all internal and external communications as well as Closed Circuit TV (CCTV);
  • Liaise with Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel on a daily basis as required;
  • Monitor vessel activity inside the 500m safety zone;
  • Monitor shipping traffic in the vicinity of the FPSO that may cause a threat to the FPSO;
  • Conduct 2-way initial communication and information exchange with aircraft servicing the FPSO.
  • Responsible for Helicopter Weather monitoring and submission of weather reports prior to aircraft departure;
  • Responsible to provide clear and concise daily work logs that have occurred during the shift and give a comprehensive handover to back-to-backs of all events and information relevant to time on duty. This will include an update on all changes in plant conditions, changes and additions to standing and daily instructions and, as required, the status of work permits within assigned area. Handovers are regarded as critical to the safe operation of the platform systems and equipment.
  • Responsible for ensuring that relevant requirements of the Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) are used as the term of reference for activities controlled by him/her;
  • Maintain a good working environment in all working areas and ensure good housekeeping and safe working conditions;
  • Prioritize workload to ensure safety critical backlog is kept to a minimum;
  • Prepare required reports;
  • Liaise with other departments for coordination of maintenance activities;
  • Assist in meeting department objectives;
  • Use IFS Maintenance Management System to generate work orders, update records etc.;
  • Carry out consumables stock control as required;
  • Use the Permit To Work system, prepare permits. Adhere to Permit To Work requirements;
  • Ensure that vendors and contractors are manged safely and effectively;
  • Undertake training both on and offshore relevant to the position;
    • Perform on the job training for newly started colleagues and for Operator Technicians on marine systems and plant;
    • Participate in the emergency peparedness drills, the safety meetings, and on the job training;
    • Member of the Emergency Response Team;
    • Assist in any other work as directed by Department Head.


The holder of this position has the necessary authorities to carry out the responsibilities stated above

Qualification requirements


  • Must hold minimum of STCW requirements Class 2 (Chief Officer) Certificate of Competency or Preferably Class 1 (Master)


  • 3 years’ experience on FPSOs, Shuttle Tankers or Conventional Tankers
  • Previous experience as Chief Officer is desirable
  • Offshore Experience in the UK is desirable
  • Previous work in a multinational environment is desirable
    Interpersonal skills
    • Good interpersonal and communication skills
    • Flexibility, honesty and reliability are considered important factors
    • Ideal behavioral preference
      • Able to make critical decisions under pressure
      • Works in a precise and accurate manner
      • Dependable and reliable
        • Meticulously follows rules and procedures
        • Steady and predictable
        • Careful and thorough
        • Fluent Oral and Written English
        • According to the Unit Training Matrix
        • According to BW Offshore Competence Assurance Matrix
        • Good Computer skills and experience in computerised maintenance management systems Other
        • Ordinarily resident in the EU or ECC with the right to work in the UK
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