July 16, 2024

E&I Electrical Instrumentation inspector rotation jobs

we received a new request from one client for a Multi Discipline Inspector (with Welding, Painting certified (BGAS or Nace) and NDE qualification) and E&I (Electrical / Instrumentation) inspector for site work inside Majnoon.

Visit location:
Majnoon Field,
Basra Province, Iraq

Visit dates & duration:
for one year minimum (either locals or Indians).
The inspection start dates are still tentatively
(Mechanical, Welding, Painting, NDE) from Feb 2020.
​ (E&I, T) from Feb end.
Additional requirements:
Visa and security clearance (police clearance) with respect to Majnoon Field gate pass.
The presence required is continuous all through the days with no break and we would be required to manage the rotation on/off/ or with back up inspector. However, Client requires one (1) shift for the moment.

local candidate are preferable, we need experienced candidate with the above requirements would be preferable;
We also need to know RT distance, travel time and any other extra costs. We prefere freelance inspector self employed.

Apply/Details 👉 https://oilgasteam.com/ei-electrical-instrumentation-inspector-rotation-jobs/

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