July 16, 2024

Commissioning Process Electrical Mechanical I&C Engineer Control Room Operator Field Operator I&C Technician Mechanical Electrical jobs


• Commissioning Process Engineer

• Commissioning Mechanical Engineer

• Commissioning Electrical Engineer

• I&C Commissioning Engineer

Project: Desalination plants

• Control Room Operator

• Field Operator

• Lab Technician

• Mechanical Technician

• Electrical Technician

• I&C Technician


• A1 Shuqaiq —Jazan

• A1 khobar

• Riyadh

Positions: Financial Controller

English is a mandatory and minimum 5 years’ experience
If you have a related experience and you are interested,

Engineer & Technicians Jobs for Desalination plants, KSA!

Apply/Details 👉 https://jobvely.com/commissioning-process-electrical-mechanical-ic-engineer-control-room-operator-field-operator-ic-technician-mechanical-electrical-jobs/

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