July 12, 2024

Chemical Industry Electrical Instrumentation Coiled Tubing Hse Industry Petroleum and Production Welding and Scaffolding JOBS

Dear Followers,
for the upcoming 2021 projects , If you meet the requirement of the positions below with more then 3 years experience located in Algeria :
-Administrative and Support Services
-Archivists and Document control
-Commercial and Business Development
-Finance and Accounting
-Planning and cost control
-Procurement and contracts
-Human Resources
-Chemical Industry
-Chemical Industry (process specialist)
-Chemical Industry(HYDRO-TEST)
-Chemical Industry (cementing specialist)
-Construction and Civil Industry
-Drilling and workover Industry
-Electrical Industry
-Electrical Instrumentation
-Geologist Industry
-Hse Industry
-Hvac Industry
-Information Technology and Telecom
-Instrumentation Industry
-Logistics and Materials
-Mechanical Industry
-Nurse and Doctors
-Painting and Coating
-Petroleum and Production (Reservoir Specialist)
-Petroleum and Production (process specialist)
-Petroleum and Production (well test well services)
-Petroleum and Production(slickline specialist)
-Welding and Scaffolding
-Geophysicist industry
-Camp boss management
-Topography Industry
-Transportation Industry & crane operator
-Hydraulic Industry
-Coiled Tubing
Kindly send us your resume at : cvservicesindustry@gmail.com
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